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Fax Broadcast Testimonials

Hi everyone, 

I have been with Bob at Fax Leads Today for many years now and would never leave his service. 
I am extremely pleased with his equipment that I bought from him. His support and 
service is always the best and with a smile!

He is the best I have ever found and an expert in fax marketing field.

Bob’s knowledge and help is #1

What I like and admire the most from Bob!!

Whenever there is a problem or you need help - Bob is there!!

It Doesn't matter if it is the Weekend, Late at Night or on a Holiday. 

Bob is there to Help!! He always gets back to you and solves your problems!

He always gives 110% on his service and support!!

Bob is Great to work with!

He always puts his client’s first and technical knowledge and 
experience is second to none!!

Bob is very helpful in building your business and providing free ideas 
and plans to help you become more successful and to grow your business.

Bob is the best at what is does and you will always be in good hands 
with him!

Thanks Bob!! 


Pete Wilson
Staffing Services 
Madison, WI



I have been with Bob at fax leads today for over 2 years and I am extremely pleased with the numerous fax servers I purchased from him.

Bob's support and service is always available 7 days a week with a smile! He is the best I have ever found and an expert in the field.

Bob’s knowledge in the fax industry is #1.

He always gives 110% with his service and support!!

Bob is Great to work with!

Bob always puts his client’s first and his technical knowledge and experience is second to none!!

Bob was very helpful in helping us build our business and provided us with many free ideas and plans to help us become more successful.

Bob is the best at what is does and you will always be in good hands with him!

Thanks Bob!! 


Small Business Loans 
Madison, WI

Hi Bob:

I have not had  time to freakin breath over here….   We have had an EXPLOSION of new business coming in!!!!!

I had my suspicions when I first spoke with you but I have to say that you are a man of your word with everything you promised me and more. I couldn't be more satisfied with your service.

I am elated with the sales I have made since purchasing your 16 line fax system and would recommend you to any business that would like to jump start and grow their business.

Thank you for all you do any time day or night. There are not too many companies that are available on weekends either and I appreciate that.

Your fax service in second to none.


Medical Billing


I want to thank you for the fax broadcast Insurance Leads system that I purchased from you over a year ago. 

I was very skeptical at the beginning about your fax broadcast program and I took it upon myself to to trust that you were not like the rest of them that promised everything and delivered nothing. I wasted a large sum of money on other leads programs only to find out that I should have listened to you from the beginning.

I will never forget the day that I called you and you ended up telling me to call you when you were ready for some real Insurance leads. You were right!

I took your advice and moved forward with an eight line fax system and have now gotten to the point where I am actually buying more fax modems and fax lines! 

The fax leads program that you have provided my agency is excellent. It has been a wonderful fit. 

I have been in the Life and health insurance business since 1987 and I have never found such a successful lead generation program that does exactly as you told me what your program would do for me. 

Bob the leads that we receive are awesome! We close over 80%! 

No matter what type of business you are in whether it be insurance, real estate, travel or retail. If Bob tells you it will work it will! Bob thank you for helping me to become more successful at what I do!

One more thing Bob, I appreciate the fact that if I call you on a Sunday, you answer my call. Who does that today? Bob Does! Thanks!!!

Health & Life Insurance

Dear Bob,
My Fax system is amazing!  When I first started in the Insurance business I was using internet leads and direct mail marketing, as well as a few other sources for generating leads and NONE of those compare to fax leads!  

Internet leads alone put me into debt with very little return on that investment.

In the first 3 weeks of using our fax system for insurance leads,  I have written 13 applications!  Before, I was lucky if I wrote 5 all year!  

Our fax system will definitely pay for itself within a few months.  Now that's a good return on my investment!  I can't thank you enough!


Health & Life Insurance

Dear Bob:

Just wanted to say that I am thrilled with our 8 line fax broadcast system.  

I spent over a year and a half experimenting with numerous lead sources only to be disappointed every time with the quality of the leads and no customer service after the fact. 

They were all quick to ?SELL? me on their program and hype their benefits only to fail to deliver on their promises.  

I have paid out significant sums of money compared to the return on my investment in their leads. Through it all, I remained hopeful that I would someday find a viable lead source.

Then I came across FaxLeadsToday.com while searching Google and I was very skeptical as a result of my past experiences.

But after talking to you Bob, I took a leap of faith and bought your 8 line fax system. What a bargain it was. I wish I would have met you 10 years ago! 

Our fax system proved to be much more then what you promised it would be.  

On a daily basis I continue to receive good quality fax leads and I actually look forward to clicking on my ?in-box? to see what Fresh leads I have to work on today.

My income has significantly increased and my cost for leads has decreased tremendously since I purchased your Fax system. 

To my delight, your customer service is also superb. Every time I call you for assistance I get a prompt response and real answers to my questions.

Hands down, your system has been the single best investment for my business and I look forward to our great partnership for years to come.

Life Insurance Specialist

Hi Bob,

I've been in the life insurance business for over 28 years.  My production has consistently ranked in the top 5% with whatever insurance company I have sold with.  To succeed in the life insurance business, you must have quality leads.  Over the last 6 months, my 16-line fax system has produced an average of 8 to 10 quality leads per day. 

My advertising expenses have been reduced from 38% of total gross revenues to less than 14%.  

Right when I thought I had done it all, along came your fax broadcast system, which was referred to me by another successful life insurance agent, and it has revolutionized my business! 

I have also been extremely impressed with your expertise and computer support.  

Thanks again,
Denver, Colorado
Life Insurance Agent



Just a short note to express my appreciation to you and our fax system.  I having been using our server for over 10 years now and I can say with confidence, your services are superb!  

Dollar-for-dollar, your fax system has been the best marketing investment I have ever made ... and that's over my entire thirty-year career in business.  Nothing else comes close to the value I receive from your entire fax program.  

I get consistent results, day in and day out, and your personal touch makes the whole experience hassle free. 

Thanks again, Bob.  You're the best!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Health Insurance Agent

Hello Bob:

I have to admit we were a little skeptical when we first heard about your fax system. We called several of your current clients and all were very happy with the service you provided, how helpful and knowledgeable you are and most importantly, the quality and the quantity of the leads.

We have been in the life insurance business for 18 years and have seen the old standby marketing methods of mail and phone steadily get more expensive and less effective.

We now get people who are very interested and are actually waiting for us to contact them... imagine that! We also get quality fax leads every day. Actually, we have had to stop our faxing at times because we get so many leads.

That is a very nice problem to have and Bob, we have to say that you are just a great guy to deal with. We only wish we could have been doing marketing this way years ago.

Jerry and Juanita

Citrus Heights, California
Life Insurance Agents


Hi Bob,
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate my new fax 48 line fax broadcast system. Whenever I have a question or a concern about my fax system you are there immediately to either fix it or provide a solution. 

I have been more than satisfied with the increase in sales and I have never had so many leads! The quality of the leads is also of a very high tier of people. 

I could spend all day thanking you and it still would never be enough. 

You are simply the best!!

Who's Who







I was on the internet looking for ways to market my home-based "AmeriPlan" business.  I ran across your fax system and at first it looked like it was more money then I had to spend, but you worked with me on the initial investment. 


I just thought I would call and get all my questions answered and then try to find a better deal.  So I called you and after getting most of my initial questions answered, I said said to myself, ?Self you?ve spent a lot of money on things that didn?t work before, I get fax ads every day. I asked myself why are businesses still faxing if it doesn't still work?


I was a little skeptical about fax marketing because I had a slow computer and didn?t know a lot about the internet.  After speaking with you and following your advice about upgrading my computer, I started with your fax broadcast system.


I was amazed at how much I learned just working with you on the computer.  You coached me on how to use my software and helped me set up my files to make them easier to access (and all this at no extra charge) I thought I had died and gone to heaven.


Now 6 years into advertising by fax, what I thought was a major investment of cash has pushed my business to another level.  When I started, I was getting 1 lead out of every thousand fax ads sent and converting 1 out of every 5 or so. Now I?m getting 3 to 5 leads per day on a 4 line fax system and converting 2 to 3 into sales.


The customer service and support has always been there for me, as well as you being available to me almost 7 days a week so I can ask questions about the other business decisions I could make that would help increase my sales.

You have been there for me.


What started as a business deal has turned into a great friendship as well. 


This has been the best business investment I?ve ever made.

AmeriPlan - Discount Health

Atlanta, GA

Hello Bob:

Truth of the matter is, there's no stopping with the number of Fax Leads I receive from our 8 line fax system. I accidentally, found you on the internet. 

The best thing that ever happened to me! Fax messaging is a powerful and indispensable tool for my mortgage business. 

When I bought this 8 line fax system I didn't know I was going to get a really great group of trustworthy people that will help me like you folks did.

The fax system is easy to use and the technical support is OUTSTANDING! Not to mention free access to Your fax sample ad library where you can get additional templates and wonderful support!

Your fax system has been the "icing on the cake", so to speak for my business. You absolutely provide "THE BEST" Fax program around! Whether you are going to use it to start your own business or pre-existing Business, you cannot go wrong with Bob's fax broadcast system! I cannot say enough..... Tried the others? Now try the best!

Mortgage Broker
Sacramento California

Hello Bob:

I must say that our 16 line fax system has been the best investment I have made for marketing by far. No other type of advertising has brought me the ROI like it. 

When it comes to volume, quality, and cost? yellow pages, internet, direct mail? none of these can compare. The expertise and customer service are unparalleled. I can?t say enough good things about it.?

Thank You!

Health & Life Insurance Agent
Glendale, California


Just wanted to give you an update as well as write some kind words....

I received 27 fax leads so far but one of them had a "bad" return phone number. Of the remaining 26,  I have already performed a loan application and obtained a loan approval for 4 of these.  

Seeing as some of the leads are also buying homes, I was able to refer them to a realtor.... realtors love that and they in turn will refer back to me other customers.  All this in the very first week after only 4,000 faxes sent.  

I think this is simply outstanding.

The way I found out about this program was via a fax at my office.  Do you also have similar services available for email broadcast?
Here is something you can quote if you want, without full name of course....
Bob delivers what he says.  It took Bob a couple months to sell me because I am always worried about being 'ripped off'.  So, I carefully checked out all aspects of this fax program in advance.
I am writing this after using Bob's server and database for one week.  In that week I faxed about 4000 items and received 6 leads.  I have already taken one loan application approved a new homebuyer! I was able to refer that client to a Realtor, who will no doubt reciprocate. 
Bob personally handled the software installation and got it up and running.  My computer had a few nagging problems from the past and he fixed those as a courtesy.  

By the end of the installation, we were both friends and business partners.  So, if you have remaining doubts about the Fax Leads marketing program, trust me when I say "get it before the competition does."

Thanks again!

Mortgage Broker
Portland, Oregon



I have been working with your program for over 7 years now.  Since I started with you I have had more success than I ever expected. 

We continue to receive quality leads daily and when I need you for service, you are always there. 

You are welcome to ask any prospective client to call me and I will take the time to tell our success story and to answer any questions they may have.

Have  a blessed day!
Texarkana, Texas
Life Insurance Agent


 Give Bob a call to learn more
(954) 770-8313




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