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Over 3 Million Targeted US FAX Numbers! Click here for Discount Pricing!
Over 3 Million Targeted US FAX Numbers! Click here for Discount Pricing!

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Telemarketing Lead Lists are also an important tool to have when looking for new clients. Telemarketing Lead Lists enable you to call up people and businesses and get them interested in your company, your products or your services. 

It’s easy to launch a telemarketing campaign. If you want to launch an effective telemarketing campaign, you need good numbers – numbers that are solid contacts, businesses or people that need what you are offering that they can use in their business or profession. 

But such kinds of list are difficult to develop, If you plan on developing one for your company, you might have to hire a person who’ll dedicate his time and effort at the task, and if even he worked on it diligently, it might take a long time before the list he’s developing becomes significant enough for your business or you can choose from over 14 million of our full records and even target by industry or SIC code.

If you are planning to do an even more effective telemarketing campaign, don’t let your people do the initial databasing. Get your list from Fax Leads Today and then you make your telemarketing people do what they do best. This way you have a better use of company resources.

And why should the telemarketing lead list be sourced from Fax Leads Today? 

There are several reasons: first, we have a database of some 14 million entries of business phone numbers that target the professionals. Second, our database includes numbers both in the US and in Canada. Third, we probably have the ‘cleanest’ database – we regularly ‘clean’ our database of ‘do not fax, do not call’ and ‘dead’ numbers, that’s why our list is always current and updated. Fourth, we always update our database when area code changes occur. Five, we can configure a list based on the parameters you want to see on your list – maybe you want to arrange the telemarketing lead List according to annual income, employee count, address or industry type. 

And what do these reasons have to do with your getting your telemarketing lead list from Fax Leads Today? Just use your imagination, you have some 14 million numbers to choose from, that’s a lot of list and a lot of potential customers. 

And having both US and Canada numbers, you can go from a local business to one that has an ‘international’ presence. Having a ‘clean’ database means less unproductive calls and having the right area code means you increase the chances for positive contact. And since your list can be arranged any way you want, you can configure the parameters presented in your list so that you can use it in a variety of marketing and promotional campaigns.

Just imagine, with a single purchase of a telemarketing lead list from Fax Leads Today, you have the potential of increasing your market. You can go from local to one that does business in Canada. And even if you can’t tap the whole 14 million numbers in Fax Leads Today’s database, even if a small percentage were to respond positively to your telemarketing campaigns, that’s still significant business for you. 

And being able to order your list the way you want it gives you the flexibility to use it in your own database and would probably open up new business opportunities for you since your list is bound to show some groupings that would require some of your products or services. 

All these possibilities just because you decided to purchase Fax Leads Today’s listings. And that’s not all you can get from Fax Leads Today. Why not augment your telemarketing activity with some of Fax Leads Today’s other services like fax-to-mail, and email broadcast. With this many tools in your hands, you just might find yourself swamped with business. 

Anyway, that’s what business with Fax Leads Today is all about – expanding your market reach and improving your market share. And that’s an opportunity you shouldn’t let go.

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